Day 9

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Ah, I forgot to mention that on the last night we slept outside. It was warm enough, not clouded and we were to lazy to set the tents. We slept for a few hours, although Julia says that at one point she heard some dogs around, sniffing her sleeping bag. In the morning we did a photo session with “the homeless ninja” a.k.a Julia the lupulainer. Direction: HOMEEEE! But not so fast, because the weather was fine and the landscape measured up. We stopped in a village where a fair was held, to eat some grilled minced meat balls, we saw a funeral, we lost each other for about 20 minutes, but in the end it was all ok. In the place where we had slept on the first night and the snow was of 30,40 cm, there wasn’t any snow anymore. Just mud and warm weather. The last beautiful landcapes we saw where from Steaua to Valea Ierii on some  meadows which during springtime are full of crocus. After our descent we met a group of friends coming to meet us and together with them we rode back towards Cluj.

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