Day 8

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Day no. 8 was also a great one. We had sun in the morning, dried our sleeping bags and everything else we needed to. We rode on asphalt for a while, but in the last part of the day we reached the offroad and that was great. We passed a rock carrier belonging to Marmosim Simeria. Impressive! Big blocks of marble, 2 meters high and 4.5 meters in width and the walls of the carrier were something I’ve never seen before. They used some huge cranes and some sort of huge electric saws (I’d say about 5 meters in length) which they used to cut into stone. They were water cooled, not air ;). After Baia somewhere we saw a herd of pigs,  many many pigs, especially small ones. They looked funny! Short time afterwards, a rather interesting event took place. Some will say “that sucks”,  but I said (and still think so): “thank god!”. Thank god that it happend then, and not in Morocco. My frame broke in the back part. It was obviously my mistake because I loaded it in a bad way. No side luggage, and with two people on the bike, I guess a limit was about to be reached, right? At least I know that limit now! It wasn’t a tragedy as we put all our luggage on Alecu’s bike and fixed my tail somehow with a bar of iron and zipties and we went forward.

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