Day 6

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Probably the most beautiful day of the trip. It was sunny all day and warm, very warm. During the first part we went to Eftimie Murgu to see the ten mills. Our friend Mihai from Timisoara told us about them and I’m happy that he did, otherwise we wouldn’t have had a clue. In “Cheile Rudariei” there are ten mills on the valley. I have never in my life seen a  functional water mill. The ones here have been renovated with some european funds, but they’re not just museum pieces. The local men use them to grind their cereal. They have a list where they keep track of what person holds the keys in each day, just like we had for the washing machine in the dorm. We even bought about 2kk of corn flour to make polenta in the evening. The next halt was at paralel 45 where the side of the “Cheile Nerei” national park is. The road to Anina was very beautiful, although we rode on asphalt. From Anina we wanted to go towards Comarnic on some old road but that was imposible because of a collapsed bridge. The choice wasn’t that bad, because we had the opportunity to see a part of  “Cheile Carasului”, unbelieveble lanscape, we were really enthused. Because the snow was melting (it had snowed a week before) the waters were high. There were many waterfalls on the right and left side. No one had been there before because there were no traces, and the road looked like an old road dug in the hill which hasn’t been maintained for many many years.  Here and there the road was crumbled but there was enough space for us and our bikes. Because we didn’t want to give up on the idea of reaching Semenic without taking the long way round through Resita, we tried a different road. Our surprise was that, being a young forest and because of the premature snow ( trees had green leaves) there were many broken branches, so practically going forward was impossible. We went forward  for about 50, 100 meters hoping the situation would change, but all the forest seemed to be the same. We had no choice but to go back, but it was already evening so we decided to sleep in an old, abandoned cabin.

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