Day 5

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Finally sun! When we woke up the sun was shining! We were already feeling better and smiling. This was a very nice day. Right after we left the camping place, Alecu and Julia vizited the Buta Gorges. I watched the bikes because I’ve seen them in the past. After less than half an hour the asphalt ended and we were on gravel in the Domoglet Natural Reserve, in the Retezat mountains. Excelent views, , moutain rivers, lakes, everything you need. Ah, and don’t forget: suuuun :). We visitez the Corcoaia Gorges which are very interesting because they ahve round shapes. They are like a tunnel digged by the water in the stone. Last time when I’ve been in the area I just passed by the them because I didn’t know they were there. Luckily we had Alecu this time and he knew! In Baile Herculane we had a saorma in the station, and in Iablanita we stopped at the village store to buy some instant soop. The guy selling was a black guy from Congo who came to Iablanita for a better life :). Ah, we camped right near the side of the road on somebody’s land, but finally we had no problems whatsoever.

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