Day 4

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Third day with bad weather. Drizzle, cold, cloudy sky. The finger still hurts, I can barley put my glove on, the rib is better, but still hurts a bit. Not after long we found ourselves on road that are not on the map, and after a few hours we were already on a market trail. It was a track for hiking, not even close to being a road. Today was at least an interesting day. We rode a few hours through fog that dense that we could not see more than 50m. If one would go a bit further we could only hear our engines, but not see each other. It was very strange, like we were on a different planet. After a few hours of riding like this trough fog, not knowin where we are (we almost decided to turn back several times) we found a funeral stone of a motorcyclist… Hmm, it was getting even more intersting! The stone was very well made, very fine details and it had a list on the back with loved one. But still, in that a place, a motorcyclist like us died. We kept going further instead of going back and finally this proved to be a good because we reached civilization right where we hoped. We ate hot and good food at a restaurant at the side of the road which also hat a huge painting with people wearing swimming suits near a pool. Excelent! The day ended prety dull, we passed some mining cities like Petrosani, Lupeni, etc and we set the camp somewhere near the raod at Valea cu Pesti.

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