Day 3

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Even if it rained all night we managed to have a fire in the morning and drink hot coffe and tea. We reached again roads that are on the map after we crossed some very slippery mud sections. This wasn’t a lucky day either: because I left the front tire pressure low from the snow days, the front valve was ripped off when I was doing 40 and I hit the tarmac. Luckily there was no traffic and we weren’t on asphalt. A cracked rib and a swolen finger was the result. Julia was ok, she was just a bit scared, but in 5 min she was already ok and we were making fun of what happend. Very nice reaction for a girl!  Alecu went back to Deva to look for a tube because we didn’t have any with us and after fitting it we continued the ride. We set the tent near Sureanu mountains in the Cioclovina cave area. It rained all day and all eveing. This is the second day in a row with rain all the time.

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