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Conclusions? Well … although I was tired, dirty, wet, hungry, with a broken rib and a swollen finger, in the very evening we came back I would have been ready to go again. Full relaxation, not many times in my life I have been so relaxed and full of beauty like now. A few days after, I still had a constant smile on my face as I was still ruminating on all the images I have seen. We had wooden fire every morning and every evening except the firs one, I had seen a lot of new beautiful places and all these in the very pleasant company of Alecu and Julia. Inviting Julia to come with us was a good decision, the group proved to be more homogeneous, the stories varied, the jokes had a theme (lupulainer). It was my first big adventure on a motorbike, and I learned a lot. I need a decent video camera and a telephoto lens. I want to record much more of what I see. In the first place, I want to have it for myself, for the years to come when maybe I won’t remember all of it, but also for family and friends, to be able to share with them these moments. And next time I will definitely take more pictures ! There are some moments which were not recorded although they would have been worthwhile. I learned to be more careful with the wheel pressure and to CORRECTLY adapt it to the type of road, to get a spare tube with me and by all means, to put a front rim-lock. The sentiment of losing control on steering because of a broken front valve is not pleasant at all, so I hope I won’t feel that again too  soon.

Can’t wait for Morocco!

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