Surgery – English translation of the Romanian post

This Wed, the 19th I will have surgery on my right shoulder.

1. What type of anesthesia will I have?

2. Will it hurt? What pain killers will I use?
On the day of the surgery and the night after I will probably have big pain. Probably I am not going to sleep very well, I’ll keep waking up because of the pain. The second day already should be much better, perhaps pain will only bother me. The painkiller: Oxycodone. I have to take them with food at a minimum of 4-6 hours interval and only if I have pain. About 4-6 hours after I took the last pill I can not drive. Most orobably the first night I will take that painkiller. Starting from the second day I will probably take something natural, cannabis-based. I asked the doctor’s PA and he said that there are no incompatibilities with the cannabis based and the stuff they give me during surgery or the oxycodone. He also said that he had pacients that reported good results with CBD based pain reliefers. CBD-based pain killers do not have the effect of the marijuana in terms of getting high. They only have the pain relieving effect. One of the benefits of CBD based medication is that it does not have the possible side effects of Oxycodone, which include drowsiness, headache, dizziness, tired feeling, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation, loss of appetite. If I want something less strong and not with CBD I can even use Ibuprofen. So I have alternatives. If I am not under the influence of the drugs, and I feel good, I can drive the second day. The chances for this are slim though, most probably I will feel much better after the second night of sleep, e.g. Friday.

3. Physical therapy
In the first night and probably the first few if i have pain it is better to sleep with my torso a bit elevated, not horizontal. That helps with the pain. I will start physical therapy on Tuesday 25 Oct, 6 days after the surgery. It is very indicated to try to move my arm as much as I can as early as I can and just be limited by the pain I feel. The sooner I start moving it, the faster the recuperation will be. I alread have and appointment for PT at a place that is 5 minutes by car from where I live. I could even walk if I wanted to, it’s about half an hour walk:

4. Insurance
Everything is covered. My insurance is called Cigna.

5. What will I have done during surgery?
There are several things. I have some calcification at the end of my collar bone – they will clean that. Below the collar bone there is a bone which is called the acromion. This bone instead of having a flat tip, it is a little curved and it is possible to press on the muscle in the future. Most people have it like that and it is not strictly necessary to fix it now, it is more of a preventive measure and it is a smart thing to do since they have the tools in there. The collarbone sits on the acromion, but between the collarbone and the acromion there is cartilage. That cartilage has a section which is somewhat frown (I might not have gotten this word correctly), so it’s a bit broken, there are some strips that are ripped off. The MD will use a tool to cut those strips and kinda smoothen the cartilage back, which should help with the pain and healing.

6. My collarbone is not in it’s place. It is a a bit higher. After this surgery, will it be back to it’s original place?
No, it will not return to it’s original place. The surgery to do that is much bigger and complex and it is not necessary. My collarbone is not too high, it is just a bit higher then normal and I can leave like that all my life without problems. The doctors’ PA said his is the same. The surgery to replace the collar bone in it’s original palce is done only when the collarbone is way high and you can even see it through the tshirt and it’s pressing on the muscle. This is not my case. The surgery that I have now has the prupose of cleaning the area, doing small fixes to relief the pain and help the body heal nicer.

7. I have two pieces of bone floating in there.
They are fairly small and the tool that they will use is a kind of vacuum, so it will probably cut the pieces and suck them out. I will tell the doctor that if one of the pices is big enough, to keep it and give it to me.

8. How long will the surgery take and when will it start? Who takes/brings me and takes care of me.
Wednesday at 8:15 I have to be there. At 9:30 they start the surgery and it takes about 1h 45min and then another 1,2 hours to wake up. Viki will drive me in the morning and come pick me up in the afternoon. The hospital staff has her phone number and name to call her to come pick me up when I’m ready. I also gave them the name and number of Alex, my friend, just as a backup. In case something happens and Viki can’t make it, they have whom to call. Connie comes home on Wednesday night at 7 and will be home that evening and that night. I talked with her and she agreed to helps me /take care of me if needed. Her door is right across the hallway from mine, so I only need to shout if I need something. Until she gets home, Vicki will be around so I can call her if I need something.

9. Who is performing surgery and where?
The doctor’s name is: Lynn Voss

10. When do I get back to work?
Wednesday, Thursday, on Friday and Monday I will take sick days off. So I come back to work on Tuesday 25th of Oct. I have already told them and everything is ok. The end.

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