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Romania 2009 offroad motorbike trip.


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Conclusions? Well … although I was tired, dirty, wet, hungry, with a broken rib and a swollen finger, in the very evening we came back I would have been ready to go again. Full relaxation, not many times in my life I have been so relaxed and full of beauty… Read more »

Day 9

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Ah, I forgot to mention that on the last night we slept outside. It was warm enough, not clouded and we were to lazy to set the tents. We slept for a few hours, although Julia says that at one point she heard some dogs around, sniffing her sleeping bag…. Read more »

Day 8

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Day no. 8 was also a great one. We had sun in the morning, dried our sleeping bags and everything else we needed to. We rode on asphalt for a while, but in the last part of the day we reached the offroad and that was great. We passed a… Read more »

Day 7

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During day seven we rode on the asphalt rather a lot. In the morning when we left the cabin and went back to Anina, there was an offroad bit, after which, towards Resita – Garana, asphalt. The Anina – Resita road is a beautiful one to ride on. The asphalt… Read more »

Day 6

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Probably the most beautiful day of the trip. It was sunny all day and warm, very warm. During the first part we went to Eftimie Murgu to see the ten mills. Our friend Mihai from Timisoara told us about them and I’m happy that he did, otherwise we wouldn’t have… Read more »

Day 5

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Finally sun! When we woke up the sun was shining! We were already feeling better and smiling. This was a very nice day. Right after we left the camping place, Alecu and Julia vizited the Buta Gorges. I watched the bikes because I’ve seen them in the past. After less… Read more »

Day 4

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Third day with bad weather. Drizzle, cold, cloudy sky. The finger still hurts, I can barley put my glove on, the rib is better, but still hurts a bit. Not after long we found ourselves on road that are not on the map, and after a few hours we were… Read more »

Day 3

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Even if it rained all night we managed to have a fire in the morning and drink hot coffe and tea. We reached again roads that are on the map after we crossed some very slippery mud sections. This wasn’t a lucky day either: because I left the front tire… Read more »

Day 2

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Again snow, ice, falls, sweat for a few hours until we reached lower altitudne. I managed to drown the engine so that it didn’t start even when pulled. We took the spark plug out, burnt it and then it started without problems. It rained all day and it was cold,… Read more »

Day 1

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First day started nice: good weather, enthuziasm, bikes, gear and clothes – clean, we having a lot of energy. It wasn’t long before the situation changed, because we reached snow and we did aprox 20km in 5,6 hours, with countless falls (we stopped counting at 15). Julia constantly helped with… Read more »